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Portable germicidal disinfector for multiple use.

Air and Surface Disinfection Lamp:

  • Portable – Lamp can be placed upon any hard surface, suspended, or inverted (with attached handles) to disinfect any unoccupied area.
  • Stainless Steel and Aluminum Construction with Welded Wire Protective Cage  for Rugged, Everyday Use.
  • 9000 hour lamp life.
  • Philips Germicidal Sterilamp® High Output tubes for reliable lamp availability and cost efficient replacement, TUV PL-L 35W, have no more than 4.5 mg mercury content and produce no ozone.
  • Safety power interruption.
  • Electronic Control Includes: Adjustable System Delay Timer and UV Exposure.
  • EDU-435 features four (4) 35W Philips Germicidal UV Lamps (UV-C) for high output and maximum efficiency in a very small footprint ( 10”W x 10”D x 15”H).
  • 120V Operation with 9’ grounded cord.
  • 48 UV-C watts output. Nominal output 140 watts. Draws 3.4 amps @ 120 volts ac.
  • Lamp weighs 14 lbs, shipping weight 16 lbs.

This UV-C Disinfection Lamp is designed for use in UNOCCUPIED spaces.
UV-C can cause temporary damage and discomfort to unprotected skin and eyes.

Air & Surface Disinfection for EMS
Learn about controling infectious desease including ebola.
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