Wednesday, July 17, 2024


Evergreen UV EMS

Air & Surface Disinfection for EMS


Safe Rapid Thorough Disinfection

Safe: No chemicals, toxins or EPA certification requirements.
Rapid: Air and surfaces disinfected in minutes.
Thorough: Will disinfect any exposed surface.
  • Kills virtually all known bacteria, virus, mold, protozoa and yeast including Measles, Influenza, Ebola, MRSA, C.diff, TB, Enterovirus d68, VRE, and Acinetobacter.
  • Advanced UV-C Disinfection provides powerful germicidal outcomes of 3 to 6 Log (unit of measure) that equates to 99.999% to 99.999999% disinfection.
  • Rugged design to meet the needs of EMS.
  • Disinfects Air and Surfaces ceiling to floor inside any ambulance and can be factory installed in new ambulances and in remounts.
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