Wednesday, July 17, 2024


The Binder Lift is the truly safe way to provide non-mechanical lift assistance to patients with non-trauma injuries.

The Binder Lift reduces the chance for back injuries to care giver by providing multiple lift handles to allow up to six individuals to assist with the lifting process.





  • Minimizes potential for lifting related injuries!
  • The Binder Lift device IS “The Safer way to lift”™
  • No more compromising lifting posture!
  • Eliminates need for single member lifts!
  • Permits "TEAM" lifting
  • Eliminates need for body-to-body contact!
  • Reduces need to call for extra help.
  • The Binder Lift is compact, portable (only 3 LBS), and easily attachable.
  • Multi-size adjustable: MX = 34”– 62” chest. XLT = 58”– 82” chest.
  • "Because Humans Don't Come With Handles!"™
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